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Race fans, Drivers and our Sponsors… Here’s the latest update about the PRO3 Film E30 “Racing Machine” documentary. If you’ve been following the project, this will bring you up to speed about the progress we are making. So you know we ended up on filming for more days than planned, plus an additional morning in Jim’s studio in Seattle. It’s been a real whirlwind thus far, and we are now in post production on several fronts including trailers and the director’s cut. 

On the financial front we came up short on the GoFund Me crowdfund just as the spring season was about to open up, with COVID putting a damper on all the momentum we had. So in order to get to the 22 minute broadcast cut we still need some $$$$ to help with post. If you or someone you know is interested in helping out, please donate at the GoFundMe site: E30 Legends of Northwest Racing

With all that said – overall it’s been a really fun and interesting film project. Although not what executive producer and chief errand boy Jim Cissell and I originally planned, because the virus stepped in and disrupted race dates, available drivers, plus fans weren’t allowed to show up. We still captured tons of content and actually have enough for a 42 to 60 minute documentary should funding ever materialize.

Special thanks to cinematographer Adam Heiser and his able assistant Fred for stepping in and filming with us at Pacific in July. Len Ledford did a great job with his Nikon D810 in Spokane capturing some great photos including the driver walk pic for the film poster. Additional thanks to Wes & Ken Hill, Lance Reichert, Hank Moore from Advanced Auto Fabrication, Shawn Northup, Jeff Larsen, Don Kitch, Matt Lowell, Gama Aguilar at Racer on Rails, Bryce Scott, Corey Peters, and all the crew who showed up in Spokane to film late summer 2020.

Stay tuned here as we’ll be posting updates on the blog as we make progress in post production.

For more information, contact Dave at the studio (, Jim at his office in Seattle, or fill out the form below. Thank you for your support.




2021 Film Update

2021 Film Update

Well, the good news is that the director's cut for the film is underway and in post production, due to release this spring. It's coming along nicely and we also have a film poster ready to go. Of our original $15,500 budget, we’ve raised $14,271. ($12,771 on this site...

The E30 Racing Machine Documentary

The E30 Racing Machine Documentary

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